Having a fresh idea is a good thing.
Figuring how to execute it is another thing.

Dawn Danby
Dawn Danby, Cohort 5

The single most important thing you will take away from any MBA experience is the network of people who will help you throughout your career. Pinchot University graduates are members of an extensive lifelong network; an active and engaged group of entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, analysts, consultants and other professionals who advance their respective industries through sustainable business practices.

Alumni Stories

Are you looking for a career with meaning? Our alumni community finds reward in organizations large and small, startups and established businesses alike. Here are some of our graduates who are actively changing business for good:

Alumni Association

Our Alumni Association was formed in 2005 with the founding of the Alumni Scholarship Fund. The association elected its first board of directors in June 2008, with representatives from the MBA and Certificate programs. Membership in the association is granted to any individual who has received an MBA from the university.

The Alumni Association Board meets monthly and is charged to work with Director of Alumni Engagement to develop programs and services in support of Alumni. The alumni board strives to actualize the Pinchot University mission through engaging, serving and supporting a thriving alumni community. Goals include:

  • Promote active communications online by leveraging social media and spreading alumni news.
  • Create engaging events for alumni to connect in person and continue learning together.
  • Support professional actualization by promoting career services and continuing education .
  • Support the continued growth of Pinchot University and its Alumni Association through fundraising.

With over 700 members, the Alumni Association is expanding rapidly and looks forward to sharing in Pinchot University’s growth as it strives to effect positive change in the world.