Leave the world in good condition for future generations.

2.3.3 ACADEMICS Certs BOTTOM Michelle Knab Erickson
Michelle Erickson, MBA Cohort 3
Throughout the year, we host international thought leaders in our Change Agents in Residence (CAIR) program. These industry pioneers are advancing sustainable business practices, researching social and ecological sustainability, and leading organizations—and our world—to a more sustainable future. From artists and activists to executives at Fortune 100 companies, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with some of today’s most amazing change makers.

March 2016 CAIRs

In March we welcome Letitia Webster to discuss issues of implementing sustainability in the apparel sector. Join the conversation on March 10, 2016 at our Seattle campus.

As environmentalist and conservation advocate, Letitia Ferrier Webster started her career as the Executive Director at Sheep Mountain Alliance, a small non-profit in Southern Colorado. Two years later she moved to the for-profit world implementing her skills in Strategic Marketing, Communications, and Corporate Sustainability at The North Face. Now, as the Senior Global Director of Corporate Sustainability at VF Corporation, Letitia leads a $12B sustainability program for apparel and footwear. Her work focuses on aligning efforts across brands, corporate functions, and regions to reduce environmental impact, create value for the company and transform the apparel and footwear sector into a more sustainable model.

Past CAIRs

Pinchot helped me focus my passion into leadership skills and an unrelenting confidence in myself to be an agent of change.

Jodie Emmett de Maciel
MBA Cohort 7
Business Development Consultant for Gateway Farms

Jodi Emmet