August 25, 2016
Presidio Graduate School acquires Pinchot University — powerhouse, anybody? Ellen Weinreb Wednesday, August 24, 2016 – 1:32am Presidio Graduate School (PGS) and Pinchot University, the two universities most distinguished for their sustainability management programs, announced they’ve joined forces, with San Francisco-based PGS acquiring metro Seattle-based Pinchot. Using “sustainable” in the financial sense, the acquisition ensures longevity of the organizations. “Internally, this acquisition gives us the added bandwidth we’ve been looking for in our goal to expand our network and reach in the business community. With the clarity and similarity of our missions and values, the two together as one are […]
May 18, 2016

The Myth of the Lone Entrepreneur

Nick Hughes, the visionary behind Founders LIVE! and Feature Friday, gets real with us about the ups and downs of Entrepreneurship. Nick shares how he stepped into to the role of entrepreneurship through organizing community events and creating platforms to learn and share with fellow leaders in Seattle and beyond.
May 11, 2016
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Pinchot alum turns waste cotton into Levi’s

Stacy Flynn just changed the world. Today, Stacy’s textile technology startup Evrnu™, SPC and global jeanswear leader Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) announced they have created the world’s first jean made from regenerated post-consumer cotton waste. Evrnu uses a new, patent-pending recycling technology to convert discarded consumer waste into renewable fiber. The first prototype, in the form of a pair of iconic Levi’s® 511® jeans, represents a future where textile waste is reduced considerably and cotton garments are continually regenerated to create a more sustainable world. Each year in the U.S. alone, 13.1 million tons of textile waste is created […]
May 10, 2016
Explore by sea with Exploring Circle

Pinchot Alumni Get Creative with Fundraising

Pinchot alumni are stepping up to make donations for the school’s “We Are IN” fundraising campaign. These five grads and their businesses are making additional contributions, based on sales of products and services, to our extended community. Check out these offers to see if there is a match with something on your bucket list! Exploring Circle Kristy Royce and are offering a 5% donation to Pinchot for any trip booked by June 1st by Pinchot alumni, or referral. Their citizen science trip in the Arctic was just written up by the Royal Geographic Society’s magazine “Geographical” as one of […]
May 10, 2016

Designing the Living Economy LIVE! ft Gifford Pinchot III

Join serial social entrepreneur Gifford Pinchot III, Professor of Strategy at Pinchot University Steph Sharma, Jimmy Jia of Distributed Energy Management, and host John Chiles to find out what this distinguished panel of thought leaders imagines a living economy could look like. Recorded LIVE at Pinchot University!
May 2, 2016
Pinchot named #1 sustainable systems MBA by Conscious Company Magazine

Pinchot is #1 Sustainable MBA Program in Conscious Company Magazine

Pinchot University has been rated the #1 sustainable MBA program in the nation!  Conscious Company Magazine selected Pinchot as the best value in “affordable, conscious MBA programs”. Pinchot is known as a leader in education and business innovation by being the first to offer impact focused MBAs. Students can specialize in entrepreneurship, energy, cooperative management, and sustainable food/agriculture. At Pinchot, leadership and community building is foundational. The MBA program has social and environmental responsibility in its DNA. Pinchot and Conscious Company are aligned in the belief that “the future needs MBAs who are more about changing the world than owning it.” […]
April 29, 2016

Open-Source Organic Farming: The Story of Starvation Alley

Jessika Tantisook, co-founder and CEO of Starvation Alley Farms, Washington’s first and only organically certified cranberry farm, tells us the story of their incredible social purpose corporation. Not content to hold that distinction alone, Starvation Alley Farms open-sources their farming practices to help conventional farmers make the often financially challenging transition to organic. (Three farms are about to be certified organic this year!) On top of that they run a parallel business selling 100% unsweetened cold pressed cranberry juice that is perfect for sodas, smoothies, and cocktails, creating a high value market for growers undergoing their organic transition. How is Starvation […]
April 25, 2016

Can Co-ops Save the Economy?

In this episode of Planet Business Shevanthi Daniel-Rabkin, Co-Director at the Democracy at Work Institute,, shares with us numerous examples of how worker-owned cooperatives are a viable alternative to extractive business models that continue cycles of poverty and don’t grow our economy or wealth. She also shares how the co-op model can create space for who people have been traditionally excluded from business and entrepreneurial efforts. Show Notes Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship Certificate in Cooperative Management at Pinchot University Further Reading: How Cooperative are Driving the New Economy from YES! Magazine
April 21, 2016
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Teams Represent the Pinchot Perspective in Vancouver Business Competition

Two Pinchot University teams traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia, April 8 and 9 to compete in the Net Impact Sustainability Challenge at Simon Fraser University Beedie School of Business. Natural gas distributor FortisBC challenged competitors to address the question of how to best engage stakeholders and the community in the conversation around using Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) for marine fueling. The reigning champions, last year’s “Team Slime Mold” – Annalisa Peterson, Audra Jung, Jamee Herbert and Spencer Seim from Pinchot Cohort 13 – were eager to defend their title. As part of a “C14” team with Kathleen O’Melinn, Nick Shore, […]
April 21, 2016
natasha lamb

Pinchot Faculty Takes Tech Companies to Task Over Pay Equity

Natasha Lamb is out to close the gender pay gap. And she is getting results. Amazon and Expedia both recently announced their intention to address pay equity. Both were spurred on by a shareholder resolution filed by Arjuna Capital, the sustainable investing firm that Natasha co-founded with Adam Seitchik. These are just two of the tech companies targeted by Natasha. Arjuna’s mission is to create the most sustainable portfolios possible for clients, with competitive financial returns and positive social and environmental impact. Sometimes that means using shareholder activism to force corporations to clean up their acts. Natasha has taken corporations […]