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Pinchot Alumni Get Creative with Fundraising

Pinchot alumni are stepping up to make donations for the school’s “We Are IN” fundraising campaign. These five grads and their businesses are making additional contributions, based on sales of products and services, to our extended community. Check out these offers to see if there is a match with something on your bucket list!

Exploring Circle

Pinchot alumni Kristy Royce and Exploring Circle

Pinchot alumni Kristy Royce and Exploring Circle

Kristy Royce and ExploringCircle.com are offering a 5% donation to Pinchot for any trip booked by June 1st by Pinchot alumni, or referral. Their citizen science trip in the Arctic was just written up by the Royal Geographic Society’s magazine “Geographical” as one of the top trips protecting the ocean. Trips range from the polar regions to the Pacific Islands. You can find Kristy on her contact page.

MOXY Money

Mona at MOXY Money

Pinchot alumni Mona Das and MOXY Money

Mona Das and her mortgage company MOXY Money will donate $100 for every loan closed now through the end of the year for every alum or referral from this community! Mona offers lending for home purchases or refinances in 22 states including WA, OR and CA! Message Mona on Facebook.

A&R Solar

Michael at A&R Solar

Pinchot alumni Michael O’Brien and A&R Solar

Dave Kozin at A&R Solar

Pinchot alumni Dave Kozin and A&R Solar

Michael O’Brein and Dave Kozin at A&R Solar will donate $1000 to the Pinchot campaign whenever someone in the Pinchot community, or someone our community refers, uses A&R to “go solar” through June 30, 2016. A&R install solar in Washington State and Northern Oregon. Click on the link above for details.

Cross Cultural Journeys

Cilla Utne and Cross Cultural Journeys

Cilla Utne and
Cross Cultural Journeys

Cilla Utne, C4, of Cross Cultural Journeys is hosting the second study abroad program under the umbrella of the school the week of August 6-13. This trip is also open to anybody outside the Pinchot community who holds a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and who is interested in what entrepreneurship looks like in a developing nation. During the school fundraiser drive, for anybody registering by May 14th, Cross Cultural Journeys will give $300 per registered traveler back to the school. Please view this video for an overview of the course.

Want to Participate?

Thank you to all those participating. If you’d like to provide a donation for your company’s products or services, contact Emily Gigot.

Want to Donate?

Please visit the Pinchot donations page to contribute.

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